Entry Information


Entry Fees

Fees for 2014 are shown in the NOR, and as in previous years, discounts for early entry and packages for  combined berthing and entry are offered.  Full details of class starts and handicap splits will be published on the Race Information page at a later date.



Apart from IRC boats, a local handicap rating will be offered if required. Entrants requiring a Local Rating should complete a rating form and submit it to the Regatta Secretary. Please allow a minimum of five days to obtain a rating, which will be supplied free of charge.



Berths will be reserved at Poole Quay Boat Haven, with other berths available at Parkstone Yacht Club and Poole Yacht Club, all at discounted prices. These will be allocated on application, as your entry online will give you the option of requesting a berth.  We strongly recommend that you book with your entry, as we cannot guarantee there will be any berthing to spare as the Regatta date approaches.  All Regatta berthing is being administered by the Regatta committee.

Racing yachts will be rafted up to increase the number of berths. If demand warrants it, further pontoon berths with facilities will be made available at other locations within the harbour.

If at a later date you require extra nights for your yacht, please contact secretary@pooleregatta.co.uk