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26th - 28th May 2018

Entry Lists

Below are the first entries for the 2018 Regatta. More entries will be added as we receive them.


Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub
Ernie HattonAddictionFirst 40.7GBR 9859T1.054Weir Wood SC
Gary OwensBon VacancesArchambault Grand SurpriseGBR 4267L1.029Weymouth SC
Jim MacgregorFlair VElan 410GBR 8410R1.071Poole YC & Parkstone YC
Peter Wintle & Nick FullagerAmigosA35GBR 1246L1.018Parkstone YC
Rick BrutonQu au rhum2Grand SurpriseGBR 4672L1.031Weymouth SC
Neil VardyEspritElan 410GBR 410L1.061Parkstone YC
Tom ReesPassionArchambault Grand Surprise37621.035Weymouth SC
Ray CrouchBoomerangAdams 10R34171.004Royal Lymington YC
Rob BottomleySailplaneFirst 40GBR 4013R1.083Royal Southern YC
Rob & Lucinda McleanSpider PigCork 1720 (mod)GBR 965R1.001BMYC/RORC/SYC
Chloe FrenchChloe GiselleSpiritGBR 3802L1.161Royal Cornwall YC
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub


Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub
Ian BrahamMS Amlin EnigmaMG 346GBR 4365T0.950Parkstone YC
Mark ThompsonJac Y DoJ80GBR 6070.958Pwllheli SC
Martin PearsonRuthlessDehler 33GBR 9633R0.965Parkstone YC
Steve Homan-BerryTiltedJPK 960FRA 279200.977Weymouth SC
James CrewQuokka 9Half TonGBR 81850.955Warsash SC/RORC
Stephen ThompsonBeluga IIElan 333GBR 6949T0.961Poole YC
Andy MacgregorPanacheElan 333GBR 6524T0.963Poole YC
Jeremy ThompsonJura GBJ97GBR 2697R0.970Weymouth SC
Phil PlumtreeSwuzzlebubbleHalf TonKZ 34940.966Royal Burnham YC
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub


Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub
Louise MortonBulletQuarter TonGBR 75570.911RORC
William McNeillIllegal ImmigrantQuarter TonGBR 5010.908RMYC
Sam LaidlawAguilaQuarter TonGBR 8414R0.907 
Terry DinmoreCaptain MoonlightQuarter TonGBR 70430.918Poole YC
Ben DalyCobh PirateQuarter TonRL 13920.911RORC
Andy BrierleyCrazy HorseTrapper 300GBR 66930.863Royal Torbay YC
Martin WadsworthParallel UniverseImpala 28GBR 95920.881Poole YC
John Allen & Sandy RansomAntiXX-302GBR 581R0.926Whitby YC
Richard FreemantleChablisDehler 29GBR 8795T0.924Poole YC
Mel ShsrpDemolitionStephen Jones Half TonGBR 84440.930Flushing SC & Penzance SC
Oliver LoveTwo FrankImpala 28GBR 95190.883Royal Southern YC
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub


Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub
Tim CunliffeInsatiableFarr 30ITA 30981.059Royal Cornwall YC
Glyn LockeToucanFarr 280GBR 2801X1.092RTYC
Jamie RankinPandemoniumFarr 280GBR 111.090 
Malcolm WoottonPegasus DekMarxFarr 30 evoFRA 761.072Cowes Corinthian YC
Richard WoofJo 90J90GBR 20901.053Weymouth SC
Oliver LoveFOMOFarr 280GBR5-F2801.073Royal Southern YC
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub

Fast 40+

Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub
Andrew PearceMagnum4Ker 40+GBR 39R1.265RORC, RMYC, Parkstone YC
Peter MortonGirls on FilmFast 40GBR 50R1.269Royal Southampton YC
James NevilleIno XXXHH42GBR 4921R1.264RORC
Michael BartholomewTokoloshe IIFast 40+GBR 1682R1.266Royal Cape YC
Niklas ZennstromRanFast 40+SWE 411.270KSSS
Stewart WhiteheadRebellionCarkeek 40 Mk 3GBR 8449R1.269RORC
Niall DowlingPaceKer9463R1.270RYS
Tony DickinJubileeFast 40SUI 191.267Royal Southern YC
Filip EngelbertElvisKer 40+51.264Royal Swedish YC (KSSS)
Steve CowieZephyrModified GP42GBR 4242C1.270RGYC, CCC
Bas de VoogdHitchhikerCarkeek 40NED 88091.270KR en ZV De Maas
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub


Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub
D Mark CareyZorra3Archambault A31GBR 2114L0.977Parkstone YC
Ivor Graham & Brian ThompsonDeityDehler 36GBR 8644L0.989Poole YC
Ed WiltonTom TitBeneteau First 31.7GBR 4150L0.948Parkstone YC
Will DennisBluesSigma 33 OODGBR 43530.908Poole YC
Brendon PellVento NovoDehler 29GBR 4631L0.903Poole YC
Anthony DugganPhantomDehler 39SQGBR 3905R1.030Royal Lymington YC
Rob GibsonHope & Glory UNICEFHumphreys One OffGBR 6411.117Poole YC
Max WalkerPavlova IIISigma 38GBR 83990.987Parkstone YC
Richard PowellMarvelSB20GBR 37280.929RORC
Paul SheltonWicked WychSun Odyssey 36iGBR 1950L0.966Parkstone YC
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub


Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub
Keith LovettMS Amlin QTEcume de MerGBR 19720.836RMYC, Parkstone YC, PYRA
Roger Bond'Fraid S'eauBeneteau 2852640.863Poole YC
Clive LawrenceQuadropheniaAlbin NovaGBR 1227T0.820Poole YC
Stuart TerryGenesisQuartet 246216Y0.829Poole YC
Giles VigarTricanContessa 32GBR 8876T0.878Parkstone YC
Richard ValentineMahu Hau Jotun PaintsBeneteau 285GBR 3955L0.838Parkstone YC
Richard JohnsonHannah JEygthene 24GBR 72280.834Poole YC
Owain PetersRum JuggernautMGC27GBR 1691T0.869Poole YC
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub


Entrant NameBoat NameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub
Jonathan HillCan LahDragonfly 25 SportGBR25151.255Sea View SC
Lindsey KnightTympanicDragonfly 28 SportGBR 28731.248N/A
Phil CottonBuzz Race TeamDiam 24 ODGBR 241.507Parkstone YC
Piers Hugh SmithTeam Maverick SSR (Raygun)Diam 24241.507Royal Southern YC
Nigel TalbotNitricDash 750461.216Royal Victoria YC
Jeffrey SpellerAquaflyDragonfly 32GBR 32381.231St Helier YC
Jon Hutchings3 Wise MonkeysDiam 242021.507Pagham YC
David VintenGrey GooseFarrier 32AXGBR 809M1.353Essex YC
Entrant NameBoat NameBoat TypeSail NumberRatingClub


Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub
Finbarr RyanJeligniteJ24IRL 4532Howth YC/Lough Ree YC
William PollockFlying ColoursJ24GBR 4266Parkstone YC
Chris McLaughlinIl RiccioJ24GBR 5219RORC
Quinton HallJuJuJ24GBR 4254Poole YC
Mark UsherJumpin' JiveJ24IRL 3060Greystones SC
Nick PhillipsChaoticJ24GBR 4177Parkstone YC
Dave HaleCacoonJ244269Poole YC
Duncan McCarthyMadeleineJ244265Parkstone YC
Giles KuzykTeam Impact U25J244236Parkstone YC
Alan Harris-GuerreroLegal AlienJ244064Royal Fowey YC
David CooperJawbreakerJ24GBR 4271Saltash SC
James TorrMajicJ244248Saltash SC
Dave ButtersCrackerjackJ24GBR 4074Parkstone YC
Mark LewersDanJerous When WetJ24GBR 5238Royal Western YC
Matthew ConyersUnity LetsJ244245Royal Western YC
David TabbJineration XJ244241Parkstone YC
Steven TapperJoskin 2J24GBR 4225Parkstone YC, RMYC
Joe CrossJobs for the BuoysJ244263Poole YC
Austen DaviesJam TooJ244206Bude SC
David SparrowJolly RogerJ24GBR 4270Parkstone YC
Paul WilliamsMojosiJ244260BCYC
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub


Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub
Ian BrindleRustyShrimper834Parkstone YC
David Savile PlattEndeavourShrimper532Parkstone YC
David DorrellHumpolShrimper88RMYC, Parkstone YC
Malcolm BellBlack MagicShrimper700Parkstone YC
Rod McBrienRascalShrimper859Parkstone YC
Peter FontesRoatanShrimper575RMYC/Parkstone YC
David Lack & Mike GregoryCrabby GafferShrimper1050Parkstone YC
Philip AthaIsoldeShrimper10SOA
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub


Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub
Gregory AnsellRebelR199Poole YC
Peter ChaldecottRagamuffinR1932Poole YC
Simon RedheadRant 'n' RaveR1936Poole YC
Melanie BrownRoloR1938Poole YC
Mark WalkerR MikeyR1913Poole YC
Paul SmithRavin MadR1924Poole YC
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub


Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub
David LawKyperiniXODX40Parkstone YC
Richard BatchelorSilver WindXODX61Parkstone YC
John WilsonSarannaXOD196Parkstone YC
Jo NewtonJinxXOD89Parkstone YC
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub


Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub
Heather CulpanSnowgooseRedwing105Lake Yard
Andy PearceRosettaRedwing104Lake Yard
Malcolm BentleyPrawn IIRedwing103Lake Yard
Maggie RichardsonHarlequinRedwing102Lake Yard
Keith WorkmanUrsulaRedwing119Lake Yard
Victoria BarlowFortunaRedwing110Lake Yard
Paul CapperSvalanRedwing107Lake Yard
Mandy Atkinson-WillesCurlewRedwing112Lake Yard
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub

Flying 15

Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub
David PipeFantasyFlying 15GBR 3345Parkstone YC
Crispin Read WilsonFootlooseFlying 153922Parkstone YC
Huw WillettsLand of ConffusionFlying 153735Parkstone YC
Adrian TattersallDefying GravityFlying 153914Parkstone YC
Geof GibbonsFfizzFlying 153643Parkstone YC
Graham Latham & Sara BriscoeBoatFlying 153758Parkstone YC
Mike RileySilhouetteFlying 153916Parkstone YC
Simon SpoltonFiesty FerretFlying 154054Parkstone YC
Mike & Jean WilczynskiMojoFlying 153583RORC
Steven RandleFeeling FeistyFlying 154019Parkstone YC
Graham Daviesffantasia tooFlying 153934Parkstone YC
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub


Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub
Talan Skeels-PigginsVittu Noni2.4mR162Frensham Pond SC
Megan PascoePink and stormy2.4mR163Frensham Pond SC
Ulli LiborNo Crew No Cry2.4mRGER6SC Bosen/NRV
Paul SchroederRuby Tuesday2.4mRGBR146Queen Mary SC
Bruce HillThe Other Woman2.4mRGBR 55Frensham Pond SC
Nev MillardX2.4mR102Queen Mary SC
Kate HedleyString Theory2.4mRGBR 143Frensham Pond SC
Lutz-Christian SchroderMediclin2.4mRGER 34Plauer Hai-Live e.V
Simon HillMiss Ionary2.4mRGBR 110Frensham Pond SC
Brian HardingSundhine2.4mR160CCYC
Steve BullmorePiccolo2.4mRGBR 159Frensham Pond SC
Keith GordonNorth Star II2.4mRGBR 80Tewkesbury Cruising & Sailing Club
Jonathan Currell(TBA)2.4mR124Parkstone YC
Carol Dugdale(TBA)2.4mRGBR 175Snowflake SC
Sally Dugdale(TBA)2.4mRGBR 142Snowflake SC
Matthew DalyTBA2.4mRTBABolton SC
Martin Whittingham-JonesJavi IV2.4mRGBR 153West Kirby SC
Entrant NameBoat nameBoat TypeSail NumberClub