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Entrant Name:Sailing Club:Boat Name:Boat Type
Mark ThompsonPwllheli Sailing ClubJac Y DoJ80
Mark ThompsonPwllheli Sailing ClubJac Y DoJ80
Talan Skeels-PigginsFrensham Sailing ClubVittu Noni2.4mR
Jonathan HillSea View YCCan LahDragonfly 25 Sport
Megan pascoeFrensham pond scPink and stormy2.4mr
Ulli LiborS.C Bosen/ NRVNo Crew No Cry2.4mR OD
Ulli LiborS.C Bosen/ NRVNo Crew No Cry2.4mR OD
Paul SchroederQueen Mary Sailing ClubRuby TuesdayKeelboat
Simon HillFrenshamMiss Ionary2.4
Bruce HillFrenshamThe Other Woman2.4mR
Nev MillardQMSCX2.4mR
Kate HedleyFPSCString Theory2.4mR
Lutz-Christian SchröderPlauer Hai-Live e.V.Mediclin2.4mR
Heather culpanLake yardSnowgooseRedwing
Ian BrahamParkstone YCMS Amlin EnigmaMG 346
Andrew PearceRORC RMYC PYCMagnum4Fast40+
Keith LovettRMYC, Parkstone YC & PYRAMS Amlin QTEcume de Mer
Roger BondThe Poole YC'Fraid S'eauBeneteau 285
Roger BondThe Poole YC'Fraid S'eauBeneteau 285
David PipeParkstone Yacht ClubFantasyFlying 15
Finbarr RyanHowth Yacht Club & Lough Ree Yacht ClubJeligniteJ24
Martin PearsonParkstone Yacht ClubRuthlessDehler 33
Peter MortonRoyal Southampton YCGirls on FilmFast 40
James NevilleRORCInoXXXHH42
Clive LawrencePoole Yacht ClubQuadropheniaAlbin Nova
Andy PearceLAKE YARDRosettaPoole Redwing
Michael BartholomewRoyal Cape Yacht ClubTokoloshe IIFast 40+
Malcolm BentleyLake YardPrawn IIRedwing
Niklas ZennstromKSSSRanFast 40+
Ian BrindleParkstone Yacht ClubRUSTYMonohull
Maggie RichardsonLake YardHarlequinBembridge Redwing
Louise MortonRORCBulletQuarter Tonner
Ernie HattonWeir Wood Sailig ClubAddictionFirst 40.7
William PollockParkstone YCFLYING COLOURSJ24
Crispin Read WilsonParkstone Yacht ClubFootlooseFlying Fifteen
Glyn LockeRTYCTOUCANFarr 280
Peter KemsleyLake YardUrsulaRedwwing
Brian HardingCCYCSundhine2.4m
Victoria BarlowLake YardFortunaRedwing
Steve BullmoreFrensham Pond SCPiccoloInternational 2.4mR
William McNeillRMYCIllegal1/4 tonner
D Mark CareyPkYCZorra3Archambault A31
Stewart WhiteheadRORCRebellionCarkeek 40 Mk3
Chris McLaughlinRORCIL RiccioJ24
Quinton HallPoole yacht clubJuJuJ24
Paul CapperLake Yard RedwingsSvalanRedwing
David Savile PlattParkstoneEndeavourShrimper
Huw WillettsParkstone Yacht ClubLand of ConffusionDinghy
Steve HBWeymouthTiltedJPK 960
Richard PowellRORCMARVELSB20
Mark UsherGreystones Sailing ClubJumpin' JiveJ24
Steve WassellTMSCDogs JorrocksJ 24
Sam Laidlaw AguilaQuarter Ton
Terry DinmorePooleCaptain moonlightQuarter ton
Malcolm BellParkstone Y CBlack MagicShrimper
Nick PhillipsPYCChaoticJ24
Lindsey Knight TympanicDragonfly 28 sport
Keith GordonTewkesbury cruising and Sailing ClubNorth Star IIInternational 2.4mR
Dave HalePoole Yacht ClubCacoonJ24
Dave HalePoole Yacht ClubCacoonJ24
Ben DalyRORCCobh PirateQuarter Ton
duncan mccarthyparkstone YCmadeleinej24
Ivor Graham & Brian ThompsonThe Poole Yacht ClubDeityDehler 36
Giles KuzykParkstone Yacht ClubTeam Impact U25J24
Rod McBrienParkstoneRascalShrimper 19
Adrian TattersallParkstone YCDefying GravityFlying 15
Adrian TattersallParkstone YCDefying GravityFlying 15
Geof GibbonsParkstone YCFfizzFlying Fifteen
Phil CottonParkstoneBUZZ RACE TEAMDiam24od
Gary Owensweymouth sailing clubBon VacancesArchambault Grand Surprise
Mandy Atkinson-WillesLake YardCurlewRedwing
James CrewWarsash SC / RORCQuokka 9Half Ton
peter fontesroyal motor y c ; parkstone y cROATANCornish Shrimper yacht
Andy BrierleyRoyal Torbay YCCrazy HorseTrapper 300
Ed WiltonParkstoneTom TitBeneteau First 31.7
Will DennisPoole YCBluesSigma 33 OOD
Piers Hugh SmithRoyal Southern Yacht ClubTeam Maverick SSR (Raygun)Diam 24
Martin WadsworthPoole YCParallel UniverseImpala 28
Niall DowlingRYSPACEKer
Jim MacgregorPoole YC and Parkstone YCFlair VElan 410
Tony DickinRoyal Southern Yacht ClubJubileeFast 40
Stephen ThompsonThe Poole Yacht ClubBeluga IIElan 333
Oliver LoveRoyal Southern Yacht ClubTWO FRANKImpala 28
Stephen ThompsonPoole YCBeluga IIElan 333
Alan Harris-GuerreroRoyal Fowey Yacht ClubLegal AlienJ24
David CooperSaltash SCJawbreakerJ/24
Sophie Chudziak & Bertrand MalasHamble River Sailing ClubM'ENFIN?!Corby 25
Peter Wintle and Nick FullagerParkstone Yacht ClubAmigosA35
John Allen & Sandy RansomWhitby Yacht ClubAntiXX-302
Brendon PellPoole YCVento NovoDehler 29
James TorrSaltash Sailing ClubMajicJ24
Stuart TerryPoole YCGenesisQuartet 24
Jonathan CurrellParkstone YC-2.4 mR
Paul C the poolR19
S RedheadPoole YCRant n RavrR19
Melanie BrownPoole Yacht ClubRoloR19
Dave ButtersParkstoneCrackerjackJ24
Rick BrutonWeymouthQu au rhum2Grand surprise
Nigel TalbotRoyal Victoria Yacht ClubNitricDash 750
Tim CunliffeRoyal Cornwall Yacht ClubInsatiableFarr 30
Neil VardyParkstone YCEspritElan 410
Mark WalkerPoole Yacht ClubR MikeyR19
Giles VigarParkestoneTricanContessa 32
Andy MacgregorPoole YCPanacheElan 333
Mark LewersRoyal Western Yacht ClubDanJerous When WetJ24
Jeffrey SpellerSt Helier Yacht ClubAquaflyDragonfly 32
Graham Latham & Sara BriscoeParkstone YCBoatFlying Fifteen
Owain Peters Rum JuggernautMGC27
Owain Peters Rum JuggernautMGC27
Anthony DugganRoyal Lymington Yacht ClubPhantomDehler 39SQ
Jeremy ThompsonWeymouth Sailing ClubJura GBJ97
Mike rileyPySilhouetteF15
Richard FreemantlePoole Yacht ClubChablisDehler 29
Mel SharpFlushing. SC. Penzance SCDemolitionStephen jones 1/2 ton
simon spoltonparkstone yacht clubfiesty ferretflying fifteen
simon spoltonparkstone yacht clubfiesty ferretflying fifteen
simon spoltonparkstone yacht clubfiesty ferretflying fifteen
Carol DugdaleSnowflake Sailing ClubCarol Dugdale2.4
Sally DugdaleSnowflake Sailing ClubSally Dugdale2.4
Keith & Ann WhitfieldPenarth YCXSeascape 18
Joe CrossPoole YCExpositionSonata
Entrant Name:Sailing Club:Boat Name:Boat Type

Do you need a Rating?

For all those wishing to enter the IRC, MOCRA or VPRS/Regatta Handicap classes, a valid rating certificate is required. Details of how you can obtain a rating from the respective organisations are detailed below.

PLEASE NOTE: Entrants who do not hold a rating on the day of registration will not be allowed to compete in the event.

IRC Rating
Applications for IRC ratings should be submitted via the RORC Rating Office. For occasional racers in the UK, you can also obtain a Single Event Rating.


VPRS/Regatta Rating
Entrants requiring a VPRS/Regatta Rating can request a free rating directly from VPRS via the following link Request a Rating. Your rating will be sent to us directly from VPRS on completion. If you do not have a VPRS/Regatta Rating you can still complete and submit your entry form by ticking the ‘Rating to be Confirmed’ box in the appropriate section.

MOCRA Rating
To obtain a rating, visit the MOCRA Rating website. The site provides up to date information on the Rating Rule as well as a downloadable application form.

Entry Fees and Berthing

Entry to the regatta is by length, IRC & handicap splits and class starts will be shown after entry.  Fees for this year’s event are shown in the table below. Discounted entry fees are available for entries received on or before 17th April 2016. After this date the standard entry fees will apply.

In addition combined ‘Entry and Berthing packages’ are available and are shown below. Berths will be reserved at Poole Quay Boat Haven, with other berths available at Parkstone Yacht Club and Poole Yacht Club, all at discounted prices. These are allocated on application, as your entry online will give you the option of requesting a berth.  We strongly recommend that you book with your entry, as we cannot guarantee there will be any berthing to spare as the Regatta date approaches.

All Regatta berthing is being administered by the Regatta committee. Racing yachts will be rafted up to increase the number of berths. If demand warrants it, further pontoon berths with facilities will be made available at other locations within the harbour. If at a later date you require extra nights for your yacht, please contact the Regatta Secretary.

Your Details

  • Please tick to confirm if you wish to receive further information from the organising committee and the sponsors only. This type of event can only be run with the help of sponsors. Your data will not be shared with any other parties

Boat Details

  • If you require a VPRS/Regatta Rating or have already requested one, you should tick the 'Rating to be Confirmed' box below and complete and submit the remainder of this form. You can request a rating directly from VPRS, or follow the instructions on our Entry Page.



  • Alternatively you can e-mail a copy of your Rating Certificate to the Regatta Secretary : Or if you prefer to send a hard copy, please send it to: Jenny Peters, Regatta Secretary, Yaffle Wood, Arrowsmith Road, Canford Magna, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 3BE

Crew Details

  • Please provide the names of your crew for the event (if known). This will enable us to organise the necessary ticketing at the Yacht Clubs.


Payment Details

  • Submitting this form will redirect you to PayPal to complete your payment. Please be patient as this may take a little time. Please do not close this window or use the back button on your browser until our 'Payment Confirmation' page appears, as this will void your payment and your entry.