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26th - 28th May 2018

Amendments to Sailing Instructions


Amendment No. 1
Issued 23rd May 2018

1: Rules
1.9: Amend “as changed by SI 19.1” to “as changed by SI 9.1”.

4: Signals
Amend 4.2.3 as follows:
4.2.3 Communication of Courses.
  Communications with classes 1 – 14 & 16 will be by VHF radio.  Communication to classes 15 & 17 will be by Course Indicator Board on the Start Committee Boat.

7: Time Limits and Time Targets
7.2 Amend time limit for IRC & VPRS from “100 minutes” to “30 minutes after the first boat finishes”.

16: J24, IRC2 and IRC3
16.2 Schedule of Races – 
Please note under IRC2, “(flag 0)” should read “(flag 2)”.

16.3 Courses
16.3.2   Ad Hoc Courses Add the following marks:
G          Poole Head/Shore Road       50 41 47N        01 55 39W
H          EL1                                            50 41 09N        01 55 82W
J           East Hook                                50 40 58N       01 55 23W

MOCRA (flag M)
Saturday 26 May

Warning signal for first race at 1030
Up toTwo additional races sailed back-to-back

Sunday 27 May
Warning signal for first race at 1030
Up to Two additional races sailed back-to-back

Monday 28 May
Warning signal for first race at 0930
Up to Two additional race sailed back-to-back

17.3 Courses
17.3.1 Add the following to the description of marks:
D            Bournemouth Outfall Buoy                        50 42 60N            01 52 31W
N            International Paint Race Mark                  50 41 08N            01 54 26W
Q            Swash Channel No. 3 Buoy                        50 39 26N             01 55 49W
R            Swash Channel No. 8 Buoy                        50 40 43N            01 56 26W
S            Jenkins Marine Race Mark                        50 41 24N            01 52 67W

Note for navigators – this amendment creates the same list of fixed marks
As SI 16.3.2.

Add the following:
17.3.2  All marks are rounding marks regardless of the side indicated for rounding

17.4 The Finishreplace all finish lines with those below:
17.4.1 Finish Line 1   Laid to the side of the Start Boat opposite to the start line, limited by an outer distance mark displaying a Blue flag.
17.4.2 Finish Line 2   Same as the Start Line.
17.4.3 Finish Line 3   An alternative finish line the description and location of which will be described over the VHF.

Add the following:
17.5 Target Times
17.5.1 MOCRA, IRC1 and VPRS1
the target time for races will be 90 minutes.
17.5.2 Diam 24 – the target time for races will be 25 minutes.  

Amendment No. 2
Issued 25th May 2018

17: MOCRA, IRC1, VPRS1 and DIAM24
17.3 Courses
17.3. Change description of mark Q:
Q                  Swash Channel No. 3 Buoy                  50 39 76N                  01 55 49W

17.5 Target Times
17.5.1 – Delete MOCRA.
17.5.2 – Add MOCRA and change target time for races to 60 minutes.



Amendment No. 3
Issued 26th May 2018 @ 1728

15.3 Schedule of races – HP30 Class only
Sunday 27th May 2018 – The schedule for the day’s races will be advised via the class WhatsApp Group.

18.3 Courses
18.3.1 Insert following mark:
 Y4                  Swash Channel No 4 Buoy                  50 39 72N                  01 55 60W